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The Confidence to Earn Masterclass


Coach Lai shares top earning strategies, do you lack the confidence to earn? Certainly after viewing this masterclass you will have the tools needed to increase your value in the marketplace.

The Power of Professional Networking


Do you struggle with creating professional relationships? Learn how to turn those awkward feelings into dynamic relationships.

The Winning Cover Letter Template


You’ve crafted the perfect resume.

You’ve highlighted some notable career accomplishments.

You’ve even practiced perfecting your interview skills.

But before you submit your resume remember a cover letter is required. It’s not an option, it’s like driving a car without tires.

Don’t fret if writing isn’t your area of expertise! I’ve got you covered.

The Winning Resume Template


You’re one step closer to creating a resume sure to get you a callback from your desired employer.

A good resume is what stands between a dream job and option ‘B’. It’s imperative to get your resume right from the start and you’ll receive callbacks from every other company you’ve apply to.

If your resume game is weak, though, you’ll likely end up in the ‘don’t move forward pile’. Certainly not your aim which is probably why you’ve purchased this template.

With my resume template, it’s fast, easy, and to add a cherry on top it looks much better than your average, cookie-cutter resume.

Vision Virtual Board Party Masterclass


Looking to host your next vision board party? The visuals are always great to have but the manifestation is even better. Learn the fundamentals of vision boarding with this masterclass.

Women’s Complacency Births Failure Tee


Women’s Tee” Complacency Births Failure

Cotton/Polyester Blend | Fit runs true to size

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