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Career Journal


Are you ready to climb the corporate ladder? Document your journey to success!! Capture your S.M.A.R.T goals and track your progression along the way. Need a clear job search strategy? Look no further as this career journal details the ‘Top 7’ ways to maximize your job search.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder Bundle


Enjoy your CTCL bundle:

5 Keys to Land a Job in 45 Days

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

The Confidence to Earn

{Bonus Content: Virtual Vision Board Party}

Digital Career Planner


This planner is sure to help you organize your career and professional aspirations.

Assess your talents, skills, and interests.

Job Hunter Bundle


The Job Hunter Bundle Includes:

  • 105 Resume Templates
  • Matching Cover Letter Templates
  • Reference/Thank You Letter Templates
  • Compatible with Apple Pages, MS Word, Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

**Added Bonus: Resume Guide, Interview Checklist & Tracker

If you require support with your download(s) contact LLF-Consulting:

LinkedIn Resume Checklist


Consider your LinkedIn Profile to be equivalent to the front page for the website of you. Whatever activity you do on LinkedIn, it will always lead people back to your profile. Use this checklist to help set yourself up for a job search success.

Resume Cheat Code


Ever wanted to know how to write a killer resume leaving you with multiple job offers?

Writing the best resume possible is more important than ever now that online job postings routinely attract hundreds if not thousands of applicants. A well-organized, tailored resume will increase your chances of landing an interview while a poorly written resume could get lost in the sea of applicants.

Enjoy my personal cheat code and write a resume guaranteed to land you plenty of callbacks.

The ‘Dream Job’ Bundle


Enjoy the following professional services templates, articulate your professional narrative and secure your dream job!

  • Resume Template
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Reference Page Template
  • Icon Template

The Winning Cover Letter Template


You’ve crafted the perfect resume.

You’ve highlighted some notable career accomplishments.

You’ve even practiced perfecting your interview skills.

But before you submit your resume remember a cover letter is required. It’s not an option, it’s like driving a car without tires.

Don’t fret if writing isn’t your area of expertise! I’ve got you covered.

The Winning Resume Template


You’re one step closer to creating a resume sure to get you a callback from your desired employer.

A good resume is what stands between a dream job and option ‘B’. It’s imperative to get your resume right from the start and you’ll receive callbacks from every other company you’ve apply to.

If your resume game is weak, though, you’ll likely end up in the ‘don’t move forward pile’. Certainly not your aim which is probably why you’ve purchased this template.

With my resume template, it’s fast, easy, and to add a cherry on top it looks much better than your average, cookie-cutter resume.