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5 Keys to Land a Job in 45 Days Masterclass


Are you looking to get a new job soon? Perhaps you’ve set some aggressive goals to make sure you land a new job. This masterclass will walk you through the 5 steps needed to secure a new job in 45 days or less.

Career Assessment


This assessment includes a :15 minute virtual session with CEO and Founder, Laisha L. Fox.

Please complete the career assessment worksheet in its entirety prior to your virtual session. Meeting details will be sent to you via email w/in 24 hours of purchase.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder Membership

$59.00 / month

Career Training Masterclasses Include:

Resume Writing & Interviewing Like a Pro

5 Keys to Land a Job in 45 Days

The Confidence to Earn

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

Digital Course Virtual Bootcamp


E-Course Virtual Bootcamp


Do you have a strong business idea but are afraid to cash it because of the risks involved?

Are you unable to hit the sales you need due to stagnant strategies and outdated concepts?

Has your growth been flat and you are not getting the profits you desire?


Well, all of these problems are quite common with entrepreneurs who want to offer their services online but are usually disheartened due to negative or rather dead responses from their audience.


Presenting you with our all-new e-Course Virtual Bootcamp where we help individuals and businesses embrace digital transformation through skills training. With the fourth industrial revolution and the growing demand for upskilling, it is expected that majority of the people in the industrial sector will require training within the next decade. This bootcamp is essential for budding internet entrepreneurs to turn their vision for online business to reality. This crash course in online business and marketing is made for aspiring entrepreneurs who have the ideas and the talent, but who lack an MBA or hands-on business experience.


We at LLF-Consulting help individuals and companies transform their lives by empowering them with digital skills, providing training that helps working individuals achieve their career goals. Stay ahead of the competition with our experience, knowledge and insights that will help you in developing cutting edge ideas for your business. Crush your competition with our implementation steps and action plans that make sure your sales vitality is not based on vulnerable and outdated concepts. This Bootcamp is the latest initiative launched by us which comprises of the following series:


  • Creating & structuring content

Laisha will teach you how to create engaging content in line with your business goals and will help you discover what makes online content a booming success.

  • Choosing the right platform

If you are struggling to choose the best platform for your business or you feel confused about all the options out there, Laisha will share some of the best business platforms that exist, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, and help you choose the right one for you.


  • Marketing your course

If you forgot to create a marketing strategy for your course, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this virtual bootcamp, you’re going to learn the best marketing strategies to increase your sales, boost your business and convert impressions to clicks.

Don’t Leave a Dime on the Table Mini-Course


Are you tired of leaving money on the table?

It’s time to secure bag. In this amazing 30-day mini-course you’ll learn how to strategically maximize your worth resulting in increased value in the marketplace. Go hard or go home!

This eCourse includes:

  • 4 training modules
  • 1 training workbook
  • (1) :30 minute virtual career assessment with Coach Lai

Pandemic Career Survival Kit


Don’t let this pandemic get you down, YES companies are still hiring!! Get the inside scoop to hiring companies and personnel.

  • WHO: Displaced professionals, unemployed professionals and professionals unsure of their career fate.
  • WHAT: 30-Day skills training course guaranteed to land you employment during this economic crisis.
  • WHERE: Wherever you are. This eCourse is even available on the go.

eCourse includes: (4)training modules, training workbook and virtual career assessment.

Resume Writing & Interviewing Like a Pro Masterclass


Are you in the market for a new job? Perhaps your resume needs a face lift and your interviewing skills too. Learn how to craft a resume guaranteed get you a call back. This masterclass will also give you interview pointers and teach you how to overcome your interview jitters.

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Masterclass


Plan the work and work the plan!

Do you struggle with goal setting or execution? Learn how to set realistic goals you can achieve in this Masterclass taught by Coach Lai.

The Confidence to Earn Masterclass


Coach Lai shares top earning strategies, do you lack the confidence to earn? Certainly after viewing this masterclass you will have the tools needed to increase your value in the marketplace.

The Power of Professional Networking


Do you struggle with creating professional relationships? Learn how to turn those awkward feelings into dynamic relationships.

Vision Virtual Board Party Masterclass


Looking to host your next vision board party? The visuals are always great to have but the manifestation is even better. Learn the fundamentals of vision boarding with this masterclass.