When I met Laisha I was in the early stages of transitioning out of my career field of more than 12 years. After a few weeks of trying to pick a field, apply for jobs & write my resume I was overwhelmed. I decided to step back & ask for guidance from others. The next day, I met Laisha. She told me about LLF and within the first few minutes I knew her services were exactly what I needed. Our first meeting she helped me create manageable & realistic goals for my professional development. Throughout the process she helped me find my strengths, minimize my weakness & how to correctly answer interview questions.

Switching industries is not an easy task but with career coaching it can be seamless.

If you are ready to market your best self to reach your dream job, LLF-Consulting is the “Phil Jackson” for your “Michael Jordan”.
~ Ms. Chanel Rose

It is with pleasure & gratitude that we share the experience with had with Laisha Fox & LLF-Consulting. We had the privilege of having Laisha host our 2016 Professional Development Conference Week at JUST A DASH CATERING. The experience with Laisha at each phase of the conference was superior on all levels. Beginning with her innovative efforts in developing material to personally fit our company’s needs. This was followed by her useful insight of our industry that effectively and proactively facilitated a fun yet enlightening interactive forum. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity & grace. Laisha has that perfect balance of knowledge, drive & enthusiasm that will get the job done for you. Laisha has always maintained the perfect balance of professionalism, good humor, patience, understanding, & diplomacy that will guarantee our professional partnership for years to come.

~ Shena Hawkins | CO-CEO

I was introduced to Laisha through a friend who had successfully used her services. My friend recommended her to me after I shared that I’d like to make an upward transition in my career. Before finalizing my decision to work with Laisha, I tried on my own to research industries. I looked up how-to’s on updating resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. Laisha has given me the tools I’ve needed to take control of my career transition. Her advice has eased any doubts about my skills and abilities to accomplish my career goals. Her knowledge of the job search process are the cheat codes necessary to get on a hiring manager’s desk. I am so thankful that I took my friend’s advice. As I continue to grow, I definitely plan on using the services of LLF Consulting in the future.

~ Tai Sawyer

My life has changed profoundly since I have been coached by Laisha’s LLF-Consulting company. The level of business exposure & knowledge that 7 Luxe Inc is receiving is nothing short of amazing and I’m ever so grateful that with her consistency & business strategy I’m building the best brand I could ever provide for my clients. 7 Luxe Inc needed a face -lift & she will definitely get your focus, objectives, and goals in line with the mission and vision that you aspire to have for your company.

~ Dyonne Beranek | CEO